FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: Camping?  
A: All camping spots are paid and organized through Denton Farm Park.  There are 500 camping spots with plenty of room.
If you show up there should be a spot for you.
Call :  (336) 859- 2755   Click Logo. It will link you for camping questions.
Vendors will be set up when they register (see Q&A below)

Q: Do I need my AMCA National Card?  
A: YES. If you come to the event and want in"FREE"  you must have your current  National AMCA membership card in  your name and your spouse must have their card also. (Sorry but people would show up and say I'm a member without proof.) You can still enter for $12.00 for the entire weekend if you don't have a current card. ( Hey we're a club so remember it's hard-working volunteers working the gate so
please understand and support the event and have fun.)

Please Note: VENDORS are required to be current
National AMCA Members and have a current membership card.
If you need a new card or renew call or click the AMCA Logo below.

Call:  (763)-420-7829              Click Logo will link you.

Q:  What time can vendors get in?
A:  Vendors that are pre-registered can get in at 
8 am on Thursday morning.  Non-registered vendors can get in at noon.  

Q:  Can I arrive earlier than Thursday to the farm park?
A:  If you arrive earlier than Thursday you can still camp at the farm park you will just need to pay the farm park directly.

Q:  Can I pay for my registration at the gate?
A:  Any 
non preregistered vendors can pay at the gate but there is an
upcharge of $60.00 per vending spot.

Q:  Can pre-register for the next year?
A:  Preregistration for the next year is usually done on Saturday between 1:00 -
3:30 pm.  Registration after that will not be opened up again until February of the next year.

Q:  Can I run a generator in the vending area?
A:  The farm park has power in 
most vending spots, when registering you need to inquire about your power needs.

Q:  What is the best way to get a hold of the vending co-ordinator?
A:  You can either fill out the registration form and subm
it, or you can text or call him 803-385-7112 eastern time.

Q:  If I have further questions who can I contact?
A: You can email questions to [email protected]   Or call Steve Jessop for Vending questions or Bob Aton for all other questions.

Q:  Can I bring pets?
A:  Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash at all times and well behaved.

Q:  Is there sewer hook up and dump spot for RVs?
A:  The farm park has made provisions for sewer hook up for an additional cost of $10.00 a day. Tanks can be dumped at an additional cost as well

Q:  Are vending spots assigned?
A:  When you register you will get a confirmation number that will have your assigned vending spot number.